Monthly Archives: July 2014

What’s new out there in Social Media Land?

imageFacebook I’m told is “old hat,” so what’s new out there now?
Trying to keep up with new social media tools these days is tough when you are from an older generation and still learning tricks with the old school toys 🙂
So I decided to play around a little on my iPad, I found Tumblr, Instagram and even did some tweeting 🙂 Love Pinterest, it’s addictive and full of creative ideas, recipes, travel, in fact you name it, it’s got it!!!
I’m still learning, so excuse my ignorance here and if you have any hints or tips, any good links to get the basics right please feel free to push my way 🙂


Inspired at The National Carillon

A beautiful morning mist at The National Carillon, Canberra.

Located on Aspen Island in Lake Burley Griffin, the National Carillon was a gift from the British Government to the people of Australia.

For me it now has a special meaning, as this is where I remember my Mother. It’s my special place to reflect and is a treasured spot to take time out and to celebrate life as I know it and live it today!