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Joolz in Oz


Sunday 02 Jan. 2011

Last night we had a strong thunderstorm, the lightening lit the bedroom and the thunder was crashing. I decided to get up and watch the evening performance across the mountain range at the back of our property! What an amazing and spectacular view to witness. The lightening forks of electrical power cut into the hills with such force and the sky was yellow with colour as each burst of energy gave out its fork.

It was also an eary feeling too, the atmosphere was heavy and yet initially there was no down pour of rain, a stillness in the air and then it came, like a sudden fall of power and then the stillness returned.

Today is calm, like nothing had ever happened in the darkness of yesterday. I just found it all quite an amazing and powerful night and I will certainly take photos next time around!

Well today is a relaxing Sunday, we have been invited out to a friends for an evening BBQ, so the day will be restful and no doubt with the warm temps we will be all in the pool again to make the most of the final days of the holidays before I return to work on the 04 Jan.

Mike is flying off to the Ashes cricket match at the SCG on the 4th and James will be sporting himself up at Active Leisure for the holiday scheme.

We look forward to our next break at the end of Jan. when we take a trip to Brisbane to check out a new destination not yet explored by the Prater family!

My quote for today was rather apt ~ “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, Live the life you’ve imagined.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

All the very best to everyone for the year ahead! 🙂