Christmas 2010

A wonderful Christmas this year, it’s our 2nd one in our dream home. The weather is certainly better than last Christmas and today (29 Dec.) is forecast 29 degrees, a beautiful crisp, sunny morning. Today will start with breakfast on the patio, fresh fruits, and maybe even a champagne breakfast, what the hell it’s holidays, so why not!!! 🙂

Later a cycle ride around the local estate and then a dip in the pool. Tomorrow we have a trip planned to the coast to do a spot of fishing and explore the scenery along the beautiful local coastline. Bliss!

James and Mike are still sleeping, I’m just updating my new iPod touch with some podcasts and audio books. Mike has been following the cricket and is enjoying the English slaughtering the Aussies! He is off to the Ashes game in Sydney on the 04 Jan. However it looks like it will be all over by then! 🙂

Spoke with Robbie on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in UK. He has certainly moved on with his life over these past months and is now well and truly standing on his own two feet, working full time, paying his way and supporting himself in his own place and in a loving relationship with his girlfriend. I am so proud to see this for him and to see him happy! 🙂

The scalextrix is out (boys toys), we palyed Ker-Plunk last night, James and Mike have finished building the Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle and I’ve finally finished making and sewing the sunbed covers and pillows (must take a photo of them too!)

Anyway time for a cuppa! Catch up with more updates over the next few days/weeks/months.

Take care and all the very best for the New Year 2011! xxx:)


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