Monthly Archives: October 2010

Oct. 2010 update from Oz!

Well it’s now been over 3 years since our BIG move from UK to Oz! The new home is built, the landscaping is growing as the months of hard work start to see great results! The pool is about to be uncovered again for the coming summer months and all in all life is pretty sweet!

No visitors from UK as yet, however hopefully, maybe down the line we may see some friends and family come across for a holiday?

We have been advised that from September of 2011 we will be able to apply for Australian Citizenship, so thats the next BIG commitment we are looking to make. It’s in the following year 2012 that we intend to return to UK for a visit, this is mainly for me to have an opportunity to spend time with my eldest son Robbie, who will celebrate his 21st Birthday! Sooooooo looking forward to seeing him again! 🙂

Love to hear from anyone who knows me! Take care x Julie x