Monthly Archives: June 2008

Life Down Under

It’s been a while since I last wrote on this site, I suppose I should have expected that time moves so quickly when you are enjoying yourself!
The past few months have certainly been challenging and exciting! I am currently writing a book “From Cradle to Oz!” It’s my life story to date with all the warts and all! I intend to make a visit back to the UK when it is finished, so expect me in a few years time!
Life is full of change, we have been granted Permanent Residency, so that was just another milestone now past, now we are looking to build a new home in a small rural town called Bungendore (New South Wales). We are currently looking to secure the land sale and hope to start the build in the next 3-6 months. We will be just over the boarder from the ACT and will travel into Canberra daily (approx. 35-45 mins.)
We had some unfortunate news about the sale of our house in Chorley, UK. Not to worry though, we are looking at other options and whats meant to be will fall into place when it is meant to happen, so until then life is still sweet!
Mike has secured another 12 month contract with the Department of Health, we have bought a new Mitsubishi 4 wheel drive Outlander, which is fantastic and has the best gadget ever designed to keep kids  quite during the long drives exploring the new territory – yes you guessed it the dvd player in the rear with wireless headset and all mod cons! James is delighted and loves the back seat driving.
Robbie  is looking forward to visiting home at Christamas 2008 and spending his 18th birthday with his mates in Chorley.  He flys back 21 December and is due back in early February 2009.
My new job with the Australian Taxation Office is progressing well, I have been met with some real challenges as far as the organisation is concerned and I have got to say the Public Service here has lots of similarities to England. The weather here is far better than England, the blue skies and sunshine makes each day a joy to wear sunglasses. We have had rain, we have had cloud and thunder, however it’s not the norm over here and that for us is part of why we made this choice to escape from the ‘sad syndrome’ experienced in the north of England.
Keep in touch! All our love to everyone! xxxx