Oz Update Jan 2008

Well it’s 2008 and we have made it happen spending just over 3 months in a new country with an absolutely amazing lifestyle! 2008 for Robbie has not been too good of a start as he has spent the last week in Canberra hospital undergoing a few operations after breaking his left arm and his wrist falling from his BMX bike. Anyway Evil Kin-Evil is having another operation today (Sat. 12 Jan.) and will hopefully be home in another week or so!Life here is fantastic! We have all made a good start and Mike is coining in the dollars ORACLE contracting. We are now in the process of applying for permanent Residency and hopefully we will see a positive outcome in the next 12 months. James is settled in at pre-school and already getting into the Australian lifestyle, we are now seeing some of the Aussie accent creeping in and he even has a slight tan! He is a real water baby and loves swimming, so no worries about having a pool when we settle down and buy or build.

Happy New Year to everyone and I would just like to say “Live your dreams! It is truly the best thing you could ever do with your life.”

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