Monthly Archives: September 2007

Still waiting visa

We have been advised earlier this week that the Health Dept in Sydney are currently dealing with medical reports received on the 08 Aug. Our medicals were received on the 13 Aug, so they advised us that we should be hearing something by the end of next week.
Until I actually hold our passports in my hand with the visas in, I will not really believe that we are going to live in Australia! The waiting game has been a nightmare, our lives are all on hold as is everything else including being able to serve notice at work, notice for utilities, selling Mikes car,  arranging any flights and  planning the start in Canberra.
We have said most of our goodbyes to familiy & friends, but it is really getting to me when each time I am asked if I have a date yet to go, I need to explain this delay. I wish the waiting game was over, I just want to pack the cases and go!
I hope that soon I can continue this blog page, sat at the new table in the land of our dreams down under!