Monthly Archives: August 2007

Party was great!

The emigrating party was really good, at least I enjoyed it and I think everyone else did!
The next step is making the move and at present we are two steps forward and one back! The Australian Health Dept. have a backlog with the medical reports, so it’s still a waiting game and it feels like forever! Keep positive is my moto for today, I just want to get the news that we can go and we will be booked on the next flights as soon as possible. We intend to have 2 or 3 nights in Hong Kong on the way out to Sydney and then will drive up to Canberra. It’s really exciting, and I hope all goes well for the move.
We are expecting the Shipping company to pack up all our belongings w/c 10/09/07, just hope everything is through, otherwise it will need to be postponed again!
Anyway, I hope we can keep in touch when I get a minute to update this site and I will add pictures as I learn the process and hopefully get more comfortable with using this laptop and web. Love to all our family and friends .
Julie x