Monthly Archives: July 2007

Moving to OZ

The big move to Canberra is moving along nicely and it feels real now, the planned emigrating party is scheduled to take place on Saturday 11th Aug. and I am getting excited, but also stressed with all the sorting out of my clutter. I have certainly inherited the hoarding of absolutely everything from my Fathers side of the family.
I am 100% certain that we are doing the best thing in making this life changing move! I just hope that we can settle quickly and enjoy a new and challenging time.
The Project Manager in me is taking over my plans and I suppose I should be thankful for that, because I feel really helpless at times and I just want to click my fingers and arrive in a beautiful house with everything in its place, but knowing that it’s all down to usĀ  to make it happen is a real challenge in itself!
I will definately not miss the English weather, but friends and familiy will always be in our thoughts. I hope to be able to carry on with my updates, as a diary for me and as an update to all my friends. Please feel free to contact me by my email, I will update everyone as soon as we arrive and get connected to the W.W.W.
We are expecting to go sometime in Sept. 2007.